Educational Projects

With your donation, Camaquito helps to renovate, or, if necessary, to expand, kindergardens and schools, as well as to purchase teaching materials and aids. Moreover, your donations allow the institutions supported by Camaquito to organize special sports and cultural activities.      In particular, we pay special attention to the support of children and young people with disabilities.

Currently, over 2,000 school children and their teachers can benefit from your donation and Camaquito’s support.

By all available means, the Cuban state takes care of the maintenance/operation of kindergartens/schools and provides qualified personnel.

Camaquito also supports vocational schools in Havana and Camagüey. Within the framework of these projects, your donations can be used to purchase materials (tools, computers, etc.) to improve study conditions. Both pupils and trainers alike will benefit from these improved study conditions.

Current projects

Abgeschlossene Projekte