Camaquito’s projects are mainly located in Camagüey Province, right in the heart of Cuba. We support children and adolescents in various areas, such as education, sports, culture and health. Since 2003, Camaquito has run its own local project office by the charity’s founder, Mr. Mark Kuster.

With the help of your donations, Camaquito is able to improve infrastructures in Cuba. In practice, we invest the funds to renovate buildings and to implement projects, such as for schools and hospitals, or for access to drinking water. In addition, we support existing Cuban’s sports and cultural initiatives to maintain and expand access to a variety of leisure activities.

We are convinced that we can achieve the best possible impact by investing in infrastructure development. Due to its Revolution, Cuba has well trained specialists and succeeded in providing universal access to education, as well as undertaking a successful campaign to combat illiteracy. However, in recent years, Cuba’s economic situation prevented the necessary renovation of a considerable amount of social facilities. The maintenance and support of social facilities constitute the foundation for a country’s development. That is where Camaquito comes in.  

It is essential to mention that the Cuban government aims at, above all, preserving all social achievements. As a result, the Cuban government and its specialists as well as its society support the implementation of Camaquito’s projects.

Thank you very much!

Project overview

The Camaquito projects

Camaquito uses your donations to support need- and impact-oriented infrastructure and leisure projects. Specifically, the money is invested in buildings and renovation projects for educational institutions, hospitals, homes and water projects (development of drinking water supplies). Furthermore, the sporting and cultural initiative of the Cuban people is to be promoted in order to be able to provide sustainable help in the area of leisure activities. Special attention will be paid to supporting people with disabilities.

There is a great need for infrastructural investments in Cuba. Cuba has well-trained professionals and with the beginning of the revolution, among other things, made access to education possible for everyone. However, Cuba’s difficult economic situation unfortunately does not allow for the renovation of all social facilities that are important for Cuba’s further development. And this is exactly where Camaquito comes in. At this point, it must be mentioned that the Cuban state is doing everything in its power to maintain the social achievements. Therefore, Camaquito is supported by the state and the population in the implementation of its projects and is accompanied by Cuban professionals. Your donations are not distributed in the recipient country, but their use is controlled by us on site and invested directly in the individual projects.

The project manager is the Swiss Mark Kuster, founder of Camaquito. He is supported by Cuban experts in the development and implementation of the projects. 

Mark Kuster

Help to preserve the Cuban joy of life.